The Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools seek to establish high expectations and quality curriculum, meeting archdiocesan standards, for all students, including students verified with disabilities.  The Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools will work collaboratively with schools, teachers, students and families to strive for access and success to a Catholic education for the students we serve.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Section 504 or the Rehabilitation Act is a federal law that protects individuals with disabilities from being discriminated against. Section 504 applies to all entities, including private sectarian schools, receiving federal funding, directly or indirectly. It requires the school to give children with disabilities the same opportunities as students without disabilities. The purpose of Section 504 is to protect the civil rights of all individuals with disabilities.

Protecting people with disabilities by eliminating barriers and allowing full participation in all areas of life such, as education. Section 504 is intended to prohibit disability discrimination.


Catholic Schools and Section 504

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law, IDEA was updated in 2004. The purpose of IDEA:

To protect the education rights of children with disabilities; that they have access to free and appropriate public education (FAPE). Public schools are required to provide special education services in the least restrictive environment.


IDEA-Provisions Related to Children with Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools

Nebraska Rule 51

Nebraska Rule 51 the rules and regulations set by the state of Nebraska in accordance with compliance to IDEA. Rule 51 outlines the procedures and standards for compliance to IDEA. The purpose of Rule 51:

  • The Identification of Children with Disabilities, Multidisciplinary Teams, and Reporting of Diagnostic Data

  • The Individual Educational Program (IEP) and Equitable Service Plan (ESP)

  • The Placement of Children with Disabilities

  • Procedural Safeguards

  • Contracted Programs

  • The Disciplinary Removal of Children with Disabilities


Nebraska Rule 51

Special Education Services to Children (3-21) with Disabilities Parentally Placed in Nonpublic Schools

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